"Being There" or how artist Marcel Smink also likes to call it: "De Paalhoofd Familie".

The basemodel of this Waterpump has been crafted out of EPS 200 (Styrofoam).

Patrick Beverloo his own work.

Drawings and paintings with thick lines imposed on panels.

Logo in 3D of our local carnaval association.

Serie Mr. Seed Pop art.

Originally drawed and milled in 3D. Manual sanding, plastered and flattened.

An oakwood cross with wood carvings for the purpouse of the graveyard in Stokkum, standing over 6 meters tall.

"Bergha" 160 cm long, bronze,  's-Heerenberg 

3 sizes of replica's for sale on www.bergha.nl

Christoffel, Emmerich, Germany, bronze, 2,50m high.

Cubism - "witch" - 4m long - polyurethane with bronze effect.

Pop Art - "Bulrushes" - 2,5m tall - polyurethane

Mechteld ten Ham, 's-Heerenberg , The Netherlands, bronze, 1,20m high



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